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Blog Post N°3 - Holiday Gift Guide v.1

Welcome back for another blog post! In this entry I'm going to go over gift ideas for 5 genres of people: the 'Casual Classics' person, the 'Half-Dressed-Up for Zoom Meetings' person, the 'Comfort is Key' person, the 'I Don't Want Anything too Flashy' person, and the 'Too Picky to Buy Clothes for' Person. I apologize if someone you're shopping for doesn't fit these descriptions, but I assure you that there's something for everyone on Our Website.

*Disclaimer: If I say something like "You want to look sharp", consider that as me talking to the person you're buying for, assuming you're not reading this to get ideas for your own wardrobe. Or maybe you are, in which case carry on.*

Let's begin with the casual classics, things you really can't go wrong with and that are good for anything from going to dinner, watching TV at home or running out for coffee. 

  • Jeans and a white shirt is as classic and sharp as it gets. The Naked and Famous Denim Easy guy 11oz Stretch Selvedge pairs perfectly with their White Circular Knit T-shirt to create that classic look, and it's all made in Canada. If this isn't the right fit or they prefer not to wear white, there's different fits, colours and brands on our website that offer similar products.
  • Another piece you can't go wrong with is a t-shirt dress, and even better than that, one with pockets! The Regitza t-shirt dress comes in Black, Green, and Grey and is a classic staple for all wardrobes. 
  • Aside from those options, an absolute all-around go-to has to be the Brushed Plaid Easy Shirt. Simple, high-quality, Canadian and stylish.

These days, so many people are getting half-dressed-up for work. It's like the old saying "all dressed up with nowhere to go" except you're only dressing the top half up meanwhile you're wearing sweatpants or pyjamas. 

  • There's many Naked and Famous Denim dress shirts that are perfect for video calls such as the Cute Cats, Slub Cranes, and Grey Nep Twill Easy Shirts. For a more cost-effective option, look no further than the Poplin Shirts. Similarly stylish patterns and very soft cotton textures are easy on the eyes and on the skin.
  • A couple tops that really make you look like you've got it all together when really you only have it somewhat together are the Sena, Bilda, and Avala. Three great blouses at very nice price-points are sure to make you appear well-dressed enough for that early meeting you debated sleeping through.


At the beginning of the year, my personal slogan was "Comfort 2020" because I felt like I could make comfortable clothes look cool enough to wear 24/7. By the end of this year I feel like we all need that level of comfort; think of this as self-care that you wear.

  • This is going to be a really easy section as it's basically sweaters and sweatpants but I'm sure you could see that coming. Starting with the unisex Heavyweight French Terry Hoodie from Naked and Famous Denim, our highest quality sweater, we have many comfortable options. Another one is the unisex Organic Hoodies from Colorful Standard in several colours to choose from. Both great options to keep you cozy and comfy for the long winter haul. That's only half the comfort, and unlike the last section, this covers tops and bottoms. For that, we have the newly acquired Fleece Sweatpant from Richer Poorer which are extremely soft. Take it from the creator of the saying "self-care that you wear."... I should trademark that.

We all know that person who's always saying "I don't like anything too flashy" or "That's too loud for me" or "I only wear black." To those people I say, look no further.

  • Don't want anything too flashy but you want to look sharp for your zoom meetings AND it has to be Christmas-themed for a family dinner? Well how about the Soft Twill Green Easy Shirt. You'll be sharp, olive green, and most importantly, not flashy at all.
  • If you don't want to draw too much attention and tend to avoid loud patterns and colours, check out the Oblivious Flannel. It's dark hunter green, has only a faint pattern, and looks great as a solo shirt or as a piece for layering.
  • I could go on for a while about everything we have that's all black for those who prefer to stick to that, but I'll list just a few:
    Davis - Mid-weight button-up soft to the touch.
    Lisa Midi - Lightweight ribbed turtleneck dress.
    Vision - Basic textured crew-neck sweater.
    Moxy - Skinny jeans with the perfect amount of stretch.
    Super Guy - Slim fit raw denim.
    Fleece Hoodie - Made of recycled fabric, soft and cozy.

The last part of this might be all too common for some people. Sometimes certain people are so picky or particular with what they wear (including myself) that it's not even worth trying. Thankfully, we have non-clothing options for the more complicated ones on your shopping list.

  • The Herschel Masks have been one of the most popular products in the last couple months, and for good reason. They're adjustable, 3-ply, can hold a filter, and has a little clip so it doesn't wear on your ears as much. It also comes in a few basic colours and styles.
  • We have so many Hats between Herschel, RVLT, and our most popular Mars toques. Herschel offers different styles like beanies and cotton/poly blends, while RVLT has a different and appealing melange look to them. As many people may already know, the Mars toques are Italian merino wool, made in Canada, and finished here in Thunder Bay.
  • Another reliable gift option for people who are tough to buy for is a wallet. There's different styles to choose from, but browse the Wallet Collection on our site and I'm sure you'll find something; there's also more styles coming soon.

That concludes the gift guide for now, but keep in mind there are countless other options for each of these genres that you can check out on Our Website. We're continuing to get in more products and styles to keep things new and fresh for our loyal customers, and we are excited to help support the community as it supports us. Thanks for reading, and check back soon for another gift guide.

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