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Blog Post N°2 - Winter Style Tips

Welcome everyone to our second blog post, we're super excited to be doing this again since we've been talking about having a blog for so long. Here we are going to outline some Winter style tips to help get you through the next 4 months in the most fashionable and comfortable ways possible. 

First things first, I'm going to get this out of the way and say this for every person out there, LAYERING IS YOUR FRIEND. Layering is quite possibly the best and simplest way to improve any outfit without making it look too over-the-top. For example, you have your favourite shirt, perhaps a Naked and Famous circular knit tee paired with a mid-layer like a Brixton flannel beneath your winter coat and you have a simple yet well-layered look to rely on.

A couple keys to layering properly would be:

  • Don't combine too many colours into an outfit (3 at most not including shades)
  • Try not to use multiple bright colours unless it's red and green at Christmas
  • Layer in various lengths
  • Don't be afraid to try different looks at home before heading out, often times a rushed decision isn't the best one.

Another hidden bonus to layering is having multiple articles of clothing on you at the same time. Too hot? Take off the jacket and just wear the base and mid-layers. Cold? Well good thing you have a jacket on your person. It's like our parents and guardians used to tell us as kids when we went out, it's better to be safe than sorry, and layering gives you more options than just a simple t-shirt and parka.
The next tip I have is that a waterproof mid-cut boot is just as good as having $300 winter boots, if not better. The right pair of boots will work for a short walk to work, dinner plans afterwards, running errands on a day off, and just about anything in between. For myself, I purchased a pair of Chelsea-style boots last fall and wore them basically all winter other than if I was out shovelling or doing some sort of outdoor activity. The thing with this is, a pair of boots can have all the 'warmth ratings' in the world but when it's -30° outside, you're going to get cold; also if its -30° why are you outside anyways? The basis of keeping your feet warm comes from waterproofing and insulation, so buying a pair of waterproof mid-cut boots and a couple pairs of insulated socks is just as effective as spending a pretty penny on some fancy winter boots. On top of all that, both of those items are more widely useful than expensive boots as well. Insulated socks are perfect for chilling by a fireplace or having a cozy night of movie-watching in bed, and the boots can be used for 12 months out of the year, rather than 4 months like true winter boots.
If you're at all like me, and I hope I'm not alone here, you hate having to 'do your hair' every morning. That, my friends, is where a good toque becomes a great toque, and an essential wardrobe addition. Having the right toque to go with your general style is just as important as anything else I've mentioned so far. I recently bought the Herschel Watch toque because it was perfect for wearing at work as well as out and about. If you wear more expressive colours or like to add a vibrant piece to your regular outfits, the Herschel Abbott toque or the Mars Patriot Red toque may be perfect for you. Into more earthy tones or spend a lot of time outside and need the warmth of Italian merino wool? The Mars Desert Sand or Eco Green toques will do the trick.
My last tip for this part is very simple, nice jeans remain undefeated. There's joggers, cargo pants, sweats, chinos, dress pants and all kinds of options out there, but a properly fitted and personally faded pair of jeans can not be beat. If you have a pair of Naked and Famous denim that you frequently wear, they should be well faded and formed to you perfectly, and you know how great they feel. If you've never had a pair, the denim breaks in, contours to your body and it fades so uniquely every time, based on how you use them. They're a great, versatile piece that can be worn at work and to dinner or a night out after.

Naked and Famous Denim after a year of wear

Using these tips together or separately is sure to enhance your daily style. Each person has a style that suits them or that they feel comfortable in, and you may want to try some things mentioned above to add to your personal looks. Again, thanks for tuning in and checking out the blog, and keep an eye out for the next edition of style tips. I hope I have been able to give you some ideas for yourself or others you may be shopping for.
Until next time,

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