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Blog Post N°4 - Holiday Gift Guide v.2

Hello readers! This will be the second half of our holiday gift guide, and here the gifts will be grouped by price rather than genre. I will be highlighting gifts below $50, between $50-$100, and over $100. Let's just get right into this one.

Starting with below $50, these gifts can be perfect add-ons if you're just looking for one more little thing to get that special someone or top off a stocking. Keep in mind, we offer free local delivery in Thunder Bay above $40.

  • Face Masks. I know these were featured in the last gift guide, but since then we've received more in and they really make the perfect stocking stuffer. Who knows how long we'll need to wear these for, doesn't seem like they're going anywhere.
  • We have plenty of basic tees available for below $50. Our brand new Mars Tees with fun designs, the Colorful Standard Tees many people already know and love, and Canadian-made Naked and Famous Tees.

  • It's toque season, and we have you covered. Browse our selection of Toques to find the right style and colour for that person on your list who's always cold.
  • The perfect stocking stuffer. The most classic fool-proof gift for any time of year, SOCKS. We have them, and everyone wants them. 
  • You know how you may get or give gift cards or money for Christmas? Well what do you put all those bills and cards in? A Wallet of course. We just restocked our selection of wallets for the holidays, including many popular leather card holders.

Next, we have gifts between $50-$100. I'll outline a few options here that we have noticed are very consistent and reliable gifts that people tend to buy for others. Simple, but also stylish and functional, these are sure to be fool-proof options if you're struggling to get ideas.

  • I've outlined Colorful Standard multiple times in my blogs, but that's because it's my favourite brand and I think their products make great gifts. We have their Organic Longsleeves and Crews that fall into this $50-$100 category and I would be happy to give or receive them as gifts any time of the year. If I haven't said it before, they're machine washable and dryer-safe, the colours won't fade and they don't shrink, plus they're made with organic cottons and made ethically in Portugal.
  • The Bowery Flannels are probably our most popular gift within this price range. They're basic and timeless, and they can be worn as a shirt on it's own or with something underneath, such as the previously mentioned organic longsleeve shirts.
  • Another item we stock around the holidays is the Mikala organic cotton sweater. Made by minimum fashion, this cute, knit sweater is a great gift for anyone, and people love to gift it to themselves.

These last few gift ideas above $100 are great centrepiece ideas if you really want to spoil someone with a beautiful new wardrobe addition. Although the majority of this list happens to be sweaters, people are getting tired of staying inside and you need sweaters to stay cozy.

  • Essentially the same thing as the Colorful Standard crew, the Colorful Standard Hoodie is even cozier and is also unisex. 
  • The Naked and Famous Brushed Plaid Shirts are like the Bowery flannels but taken up a notch. They're softer, and they're made in Canada.
  • One brand I've hardly mentioned is Revolution aka RVLT. They make a beautiful knit sweater we call Bordeaux, which is part of their 'Evergreen' line. Simply put, it's an organic and sustainable heavy knit sweater.
  • The last Colorful Standard gift guide item, and I know there's been lots of them, is the Merino Crew sweater. 100% organic merino wool made in Portugal.
  • Finally, we have the Affie Cardigan. Essentially this is the Mikala, but in cardigan form. Organic, knit, comfy, and you can dress it up or down.

As always, thank you for reading the blog and I appreciate any comments or feedback. I wish everyone great start to the holiday season and a safe end to a ridiculous 2020. Stay healthy!


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