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by Wemoto

Wright Yellow

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 Crafted from a rich blend of wool and polyester, this piece combines the natural warmth and breathability of wool with the durability of polyester to offer a garment that’s as long-lasting as it is comfortable 🧵🛠️

The fabric's plush wool felt, weighing in at a cozy 390 G/SQM, provides a premium touch of comfort and insulation against the crisp air, ensuring you stay warm without compromising on style. Every thread weaves a narrative of elegance coupled with practicality  🌬️🔥

In its relaxed fit, this overshirt grants freedom of movement.Whether you're layering up for a casual outing or just need something cozy, it’s designed to be your go-to piece🚶‍♂️💫

Adorned with branded plastic buttons, every detail is a testament to quality, ensuring not just a secure fit but adding a touch of branded elegance to the ensemble. Button up, step out, and let every detail speak of a quality choice 🧥✨

60% Wool, 40% Polyester 

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