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by Wemoto

Smith Caramel

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The cardigan boasts a cotton knit, meticulously crafted in a 7-gauge knit. This ensures breathability and a comfortable weight, offering enough warmth without compromising on style. It’s a piece that’s made for all seasons ☀️❄️

Fit to perfection, the regular fit ensures the cardigan drapes gracefully, offering enough room for comfort while ensuring a look that’s tailored and refined. Move with ease and let every stitch accentuate your style 💃🕺

Marbled plastic buttons adorn the front, adding a touch of vintage charm. Each one is a blend of function and fashion, ensuring your cardigan stays in place while adding a dash of style 🔘🌟

But it’s the cable knit pattern that steals the show, weaving a narrative of timeless elegance with every twist and turn. And with no yarn-pilling, every wear is as good as the first, ensuring a look that’s evergreen 🍀👌

100% Cotton

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