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Blog Post N°6 - Springtime Favourites

Hi everyone! I know it's been a long time since I've written a blog, but we recently got in some new Spring products that we are super excited for and want to share a little bit more about! We've been getting in our new Spring products for the last couple weeks and we continue to get more, however there are a couple pieces that stand out and need to be talked about. The pieces I am going to be writing about today are the Organic Mikala Sweaters and the Naked and Famous Milk and Whisper Denims.

Let's start this by talking about the Mikala Sweaters. First things first, we have 12 different colours in this style because we love it so much and feel like everyone needs to have one. Obviously I'm not going to list every colour we have, but they come in a variation of greens, blues, and yellows, as well as white, grey and maroon. These sweaters are designed in Denmark with great attention to detail and a timeless style. They feature a 100% organic cotton cable knit base with ribbing around the waist and the wrists of the garment as well as a reinforced double-knit collar. 

The Mikala Sweaters are made by one of our staple brands, Minimum Fashion from Denmark. One thing we love about Minimum is their commitment to sustainability and preserving social responsibility. Their website states:

"Minimum has set the direction towards a more sustainable and socially responsible future. Knowing that our core business activity may have a significant impact on people and the planet, we recognize our responsibility of leaving a minimal impact. From ensuring safe working conditions at our partnering factories to developing more sustainable fashion and safe products for our customers, we are committed to actively taking on a wider responsibility by pushing the boundaries for sustainability."

While we do make the effort to actively bring in more sustainable and ethical products, it is refreshing to see a brand so transparent in their actions and making retailers and consumers feel happy with their purchases. Their website also mentions that child labour "is strictly not allowed" and "animal welfare is of high importance" among other initiatives they are committed to.

On to another brand we love, Naked and Famous Denim! They are one of our favourite brands for multiple reasons: they are based out of Canada and make their products in Montreal, they use Japanese cottons and fabrics of the highest quality, they are innovative and they treat us like family. Some readers may already be familiar with this brand already considering it's one of our staples, but it is definitely one worth talking about. This season, they came out with two new and exciting innovations; Whisper Stretch Denim and Milk Selvedge Denim.

Starting with the Whisper Stretch Denim, they are a very light 8oz denim made with supima cotton. Supima cotton is an extremely soft and durable cotton type which is produced in the West and Southwest USA. This denim is made for warmer weather, so they're not going to replace your heavier denims, but for an ultra-lightweight denim they are extremely durable. As I said this denim is soft, but you really have to feel it to get what I'm saying. It's a certain smooth-softness that feels like silk and looks, feels, and lasts like high quality denim should.

The Milk Selvedge is a 12.5oz Japanese selvedge denim made with a blend of cotton and 23% actual milk yarn! In a special process, proteins found in the amino acids of milk are drawn out, kneaded and then pressed into a fibre. This fibre is then spun into yarn. When woven into this denim, the fabric feels like a classic rigid raw denim jean, but is cool to the touch and silky smooth. These jeans are super innovative, considering this is the first time a fabric has been made from milk protein and woven into denim! They also feature a textured cow leather patch and cow-print pocket bags. This style is definitely unique.

Naked and Famous Denim is a Canadian brand, with many of their fabrics sourced from Japan. They are undoubtedly one of our favourite brands with amazing products and great ethics and work standards. We can also do special denim orders upon request!

So there we have it! A few of our favourite pieces for the Spring season that are sure to turn heads and make you happy with the quality of garments. Keep in mind that we are open for curb side pickup Tuesday-Saturday from 10-6 during this newly-imposed provincial lockdown and 24/7 for online shopping. We are also available to answer questions or concerns online through our website or Instagram/Facebook at all hours of the day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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